Welcome to Acentos Bistro a Punta Cana Restaurant where we hope you will stay awhile enjoying our delicious food, and amazing atmosphere. If you are looking for tantalizing appetizers, titillating seafood, and tee-totally terrific meats and entrees then you are at the right place. Our servers are trained to make sure you have the best experience possible, and you are always our top priority.

What are you waiting for? You know you are hungry. What more could you ask for! Our international flavors are made with love, fresh everyday by people who truly have a passion for cooking delicious food. The ingredients are fresh daily as well to make sure you are only getting the best when you come into our Punta Cana Restaurant.

Acentos Bisto combines international flavor with amazing food for an experience like no other. It will be a necessity to try everything on the menu once, and you will be talking about it for weeks after you leave. We also design and bake delicious baked goods. Only the best desserts are sold to our customers including the famous “Chocolate Fondant”.

Come in and sample our unique and delicious cuisine, we guarantee you will be back every time you visit Punta Cana. Let us feed you and send you home happy!